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Amy Rowlands

I was made redundant from work and had no idea what to do. Pauline and I were work colleagues and now I class her as a dear friend. Her approach is positive, energetic, and moves only at the pace I felt comfortable with. She handled my situation in utmost confidence, with a genuine caring and explanatory style that is second to none. She also provided career advice as to where to from here. Since my sessions with Pauline, I’ve managed to sort out my Super, stabilised my savings, paid off my debts and even have begun investing in the markets. These are activities I previously felt were simply too complicated, too risky and way too time consuming to properly understand and engage. Pauline's strategies have changed more than just my outlook on my financial future, they've changed how I financially facilitate my entire life. I highly recommend Pauline to any woman who not only needs to build, gain or regain confidence and take control of her finances, but also those who might want to learn some additional information to expand on what they already know.


Alison K

Sincere thanks to Pauline Kirk who helped me get started with investing. I left my money in a Bank account as I had no idea what to do with it. I knew nothing about investing. Pauline told me about a tax advantaged ISA and now I invest in stocks, Index Funds and have put a very small amount into crypto. After working with Pauline, my confidence has grown and I have chosen to invest directly by myself because I have the confidence to do so. She did make me aware of the pitfalls with working with Advisors but as I have the confidence to invest myself, I chose not to pay the Broker fees and so glad that I chose to take ownership of my own money.


Erica Gilchrist

I thought mine was an extra, unique story. Dual citizenship, expat, divorce, lengthy and costly court custody battle (twice!) and yet another international relocation. My finances were spread between countries, with my future security falling into the oceans between. As much pride as I had in my career successes, I felt equally lost and alone facing my financial distresses. Then I met Pauline Kirk. Without making me uncomfortable, and during simple, casual conversation, Pauline was able to extract my dirty little secret and address it openly. She did not force her expertise, she merely offered a few 'key suggestions'. Before I knew it, I was exercising her 'suggestions', and even this slightest movement felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders after all of these years!



I have been fretting over my finances as my Husband and I are in the process of filing for divorce. I was an Expat Wife about to leave Singapore and didn’t make any financial decisions in our relationship. I had no idea about my husband’s investments, wealth or income as we never spoke about it in our household. I never thought about it to be really honest. Pauline spoke with me as to where I should focus. Her calm nature, straight talking approach made it so simple. Her first advice was to find out whether we had an accountant. I found out who my husbands accountant was so I could understand our situation. Pauline has helped me prepare financially as I am now going to be on my own. She has so much patience and listens to my needs as opposed to a one size fits all. Given my case is a high profile divorce case which is on-going. I have requested confidentiality.


Barbara Budrich

If you want to level up your financial life, you can trust Pauline Kirk. She knows what she is talking about, and she knows how to make financial jargon accessible to everyone. Thank you, Pauline, for spending so much time and sharing so many nuggets of financial wisdom with us. If anyone asked me what to do moneywise in these weird times of ours, I'd say: Go ask Pauline!


Sandra Mannion

Having grown up in a generation where talking about money was unheard of and asking questions about money was taboo. The extraordinary Pauline Kirk has created a community that openly discusses any financial concept conceivable. Her wealth of knowledge is vast and her delivery is simple and fun, making learning so interesting.

I am genuinely blessed and thrilled to have encountered this tribe of like-minded, powerful female investors


Carissa Thomas

Haha trying to get my head around all the mind blowing content. For me that's doing a visual....I will admit there's probably things wrong in the image I shared so pls correct me if there is. I think my light bulb moment last week was realising you can't just buy directly from the stock market i.e the S&P500, ASX 200 etc...so when they said at Wealth Mastery just get Index funds like the S&P500 I didn't really understand there's multiple steps involved I think I maybe have grasp the concept now Oh and if your in Australia like me & you invest in US dollars there's a 30% holding fee/tax so best to avoid that

Thanks again Pauline Kirk for your patience haha you really are a saint!


Maria Aguilera

Thank you Pauline Kirk! Great meeting! Today; just before the call, I lowered the interest rate of my bad consumer debt and it is a really great reset bottom to start managing my finances so much better!


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