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The Eight Personal Finance Profile Types

Your money types represent a pattern of behavior or ideas however, they are not your personality or who you are.

If we can start to understand our patterns and behaviors, we can then acknowledge them and create awareness both consciously and sub-consciously. This will then enable us to become financially fabulous from within and not just purely on a surface level.

The 8 types we have identified here at Femvestorsglobal are:

  • Susie Spender

  • Chloe Conservative

  • Pamela Planner

  •  Claire Contributor

  • Ivy Impulsive

  • Charlotte Collector

  • Ava Adventurer

  • Sarah Saver


    Expenditure usually exceeds her income. Regularly relies on overdraft facilities, after-pay or credit cards to buy non-essential items.

    Enjoys spending, treating herself and others and is known to be generous with money. Investing has not been a consideration, as the focus is living in the moment and for today. Often makes unnecessary purchases and experiences buyer’s remorse.

    Rarely financially prepared and has a high standard of living that the current income doesn’t allow for. Finances are disorganised and has no or little money management skills.

    Prone to living in the past and blaming her financial situation on external factors. Spends in emotional distress or for immediate gratification.



    Wants a solid safety net and a pre-determined outcome when it comes to money. Has a low risk tolerance, is focused on wealth preservation and doesn’t like investing.

    Tends to seek the opinion of others when it comes to money. Will likely ask several people the same question and chooses to do nothing as no answer is the same. Her emotions tend to take control and would prefer to delegate investment responsibilities to someone she trusts.

    She believes the more you pay for investing advice, the better advice she will receive. Predominantly focused on high interest savings accounts, retirement account and may own investment property.

    Has a tendency to regularly check her accounts to see progress on a daily or weekly basis. Constantly worries about losing money and prefers very safe investment options.


    Sets goals and milestones and tends to constantly think about the future when making investment planning decisions. Is strategic on how money is managed and lives for spending for tomorrow.

    Generally, knows where her life is going and has spreadsheets and/or online tools to capture progress. Has benchmarks, timelines for everything, from growing an emergency fund to knowing her retirement age.

    Is very cautious and always in preparation mode. Tends to talk a lot about investing and has done a large amount of research. Though drowning in information, she doesn’t actually take action to get started.



    Rarely thinks about money and feels money shouldn’t influence important life decisions. Is driven by a desire to help others.

    Commitment orientated and uses money to take care of loved ones and/ or contribute to charities and causes she believes in. Allocates part of their income to supporting others. Investing has never been considered other than a retirement plan through her work. A family member or loved one will likely tend to manage her finances.

    She may not be aware of how much money currently exists in her bank account. May have little or no idea of what income, investments or savings she has. Busy taking care of others’ needs that she often neglects her own.

    Tend to be perfectionists and have high expectations of themselves. May even despise those who live in the material world.


    Makes financial decisions in the moment. Is known to be financially well-off. Finds time to enjoy the fruits of her labour. Tends to be more reactive than proactive. Has a strong belief that life is better when you earn more.

    Takes big risks with money and has a bit of a celebration when wins happen, however, is also known to become extremely sad, anxious and fearful when losses do occur. Then picks herself up fairly quickly when the wins/profits start to appear again. Fear and greed manage her emotions. Makes quick decisions and tends to act on impulse, such as “hot tips” from friends and family members.

    Trusts people easily and can be taken advantage of. Uses money for pleasure such as holidays, likely to drive a high-end branded car, generally owns an expensive home and takes pride on the suburb where she lives. Is concerned on appearance, image and what other people think of her.

    Will likely be invested in crypto, stock market options trading, day trading and property. Focuses on what others are doing with their wins and losses. Is known to brag about her own wins and financial situation.

    Always looking for a windfall of money by taking financial shortcuts. Gets caught up in the enthusiasm of the moment and has little interest in the details. Is willing to throw the dice and take chances.



    Rarely spends or loans money. Finds it difficult to part with money. Fears financial loss. Enjoys tracking and analysing finances. So addicted to saving, she fears that no matter what she has, it is never going to be enough. Even spending on the basic necessities becomes an issue.

    Primary or only goal is to make more money. Will do everything possible to grow and protect finances. Believes the more money she has, the better she feels. Has the mindset that money has to be protected and treasured. Psychologically this is not always related to greed but also conditioning from their environment that surrounds her.

    The greatest enjoyment is knowing money is untouched. Doesn’t use money to have fun. Tends to prefer to keep money in one or very few accounts so she can watch it grow. Her Investing account is routine based and automated.

    May have everything she needs or desires, however, she never feels complete, comfortable, or at peace.


    Has a high-risk tolerance and pursues a variety of investment opportunities. Tends to be financially well-off as she undertakes research prior to investing. Makes informed decisions, logical thinker and tends to not let her emotions get in the way of money. Is focused, decisive, and in control of her finances.

    Focuses on social status, prestige and wealth creation. Craves recognition for her financial success. Believes life is better when you earn more and create more money.

    Very open to new or uncommon investing strategies. Likely owns crypto, investment properties, wine and/or jewelry collection and stock market trades. May even be invested in Forex and options trading. Favours high yield investments.

    Has an Advisor and likes to be at the cutting edge of business, technology and finance. Top priority is growth and Return on Investment (ROI).

    Relatively fearless in her endeavors and remains the eternal optimists regardless of the circumstances.



    Saves money to afford major purchases and then continues to save. Income usually exceeds outgoings. Views money as a source of security. Is frugal and financially responsible.

    Tends to be an expert in bargain shopping and spends a large amount of time finding the best discounts. Has a fear of irrational spending.

    Driven by the need to feel financially secure, tends to be a very low risk taker.

    Has a savings addiction and constantly collects discount vouchers. Has a financial goal of remaining comfortable financially at all times.

    Her negative beliefs about materialism only create a block to the very key to the freedom they so desire.