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Be the Creator of your Life and become financially fabulous™ with Femvestorsglobal™.

At Femvestorsglobal™ we support women worldwide to take ownership of their financial independence. We’re here to help you take that first uncomfortable step because you’re worth it, you are more than capable of becoming a confident money maker.

You and I will start by shifting the generational narrative that has influenced women over the years. We’ll review how your environment has influenced our views on money and how you perceive and think about your finances. Through support, trust and honest financial education and guidance, we’ll work together to achieve tangible results in your life. My Femvestorsglobal™ program will give you exactly what you need so you too can create your own “Moneymoon destination”.

Since you’re still reading this, it shows me that there’s something within whispering “This is it! Now’s the time; and it’s my time to become financially fabulous!”

You’re right!

But, don’t let that feeling slip away, you must ACT NOW!

Hi, I’m Pauline Kirk, the CEO and Founder of Femvestorsglobal™.

Telling you like it is, several years back, I was terrible at managing money. I suffered from emotional spending (and I was eventually diagnosed with PTSD years after my time in the military in 2002/2003). 

If I'm completely vulnerable here, there was a time when spending money made me feel good about myself. Deep inside, I felt happier. I had nice things which brought me joy; I had experiences that made life fun and interesting, but they were short- lived, and I always wanted more. I know now that I also suffered from low self-worth. I was in relationships that weren't right for me and felt societal pressure to be in a relationship. So, I dated the wrong men. I made some poor financial decisions early on in my life. These resulted in $150K debt on ten credit cards, signing as a guarantor on a home loan (because my partner at the time was self-employed) and financially supporting another ex-partner on a new business venture—that also went south. 

At just 25 years old, I faced two choices. Declare myself bankrupt or accept what's happened and turn the situation around. It was like shall I take the red pill or the blue pill? For me, bankruptcy felt like a failure, and I was unwilling to bow down to my circumstances. I would do whatever it took to pay everything off. I admit now that I was and still am a proud, occasionally stubborn woman. I also knew I had to remove myself from this situation and take myself to another level.

Step 1: put the credit card in the freezer (seriously!). 

I worked three jobs and climbed the ranks, kept paying off the debt and continuously up-skilled while sleeping on a friend's floor to pay off my debt in 2007 (8-years later).

During this time, I drew on the resilience I'd fostered when serving in the military from 2000-2005. I refused to fall victim to the past; I was better than that. Being in major financial debt felt humiliating, and it was tough. Still, I chose to give my energy to the future and what was possible. I focused on what was in my control, not outside of my control. I took full accountability for my actions.

Fast-forward 15 years.

Today, I am an Angel Investor, Day Trader, long-term holder of ETFs and Cryptocurrency, and Property Investor, and I have recently invested in collectables such as precious stones and pink diamonds. 

After eventually turning debt free, I was always stuck around what to do next now I had money in my bank account. The interest rates were low, so I wasn't earning the returns I was expecting. A family friend recommended me to a broker. Unfortunately, the recommended broker didn't act in my best interest—the fees and type of financial products that were being invested prevented me from becoming wealthy. I had to do something different, so I educated myself on being financially savvy and independent. I learned about the simple (yet, effective) ways of building wealth. I realized that I could help other women like me get out of tough financial situations or, better yet, prevent them from entering into them in the first place. I knew that I could also help women build their own confidence to start investing or develop their existing knowledge.

My rags to riches story is a testament to every sister, daughter, mother, and niece. I tell it to show you that you, too, can be the unstoppable, unshakeable woman who deserves more—you CAN have more!


Through Femvestorsglobal™, it’s my mission to walk beside other women and show them how to rise from whatever financial position they’re in.

My role is to mentor and coach you on managing your emotions around money (it is not really taught anywhere) and give you the tools, strategies and information that will indefinitely allow you to make financial decisions independently.

Many of the women I work with are smart, intelligent, highly accomplished and experts in what they do. Yet many have never been taught how to manage money or make sound financial decisions.

For the majority of women, our finances have never really been a focus when we are trying to be superwoman juggling kids, careers, businesses, older family members or a combination of these.

And this is where I bridge the gap in your life because no woman has to go through what I went through. I believe every woman deserves the same level of success and opportunity as the men in our society have. But it’s up to us to shift our beliefs, our internal narrative, and the stories we’ve been telling ourselves for so long and replace them with a 2.0 version. We will show you how to tap into an abundant mindset.

We can get you from where you are today to where you want to go faster. Time is currency, just like money and energy. You don’t have to take the 15 years we took. We want you to do magical things that make life exciting for you and your loved ones.

You can learn on your own or learn what we know in a few hours.

One day or day one, it is for you to decide.